Tasty CG introduction

Team profiles

Testin digital (Tasty CG) team, we are a won international awards for young creative CG art team,

Focus on the game and television advertising and other aspects of the digital entertainment outsourcingproduction services, to provide high-end CG products with global outsourcing services.

The team brought together North Canton front-line frontier senior elite art members, team members each have a dream, and the pursuit of the Arts

Members come from

Ubisoft (Ubisoft China) (capital),

PDE (three strains of digital) (British),

RedHot (sharp nuclear) (US)

EA (America EA) (US) etc.

Participate in a lot of 3A games, such as:

Monster Hunter "Monster Hunter",

God of war 4 "Warlords IV",

The dark soul 2 "Dark Souls 2",

Divine twins "Beyond:TwoSouls",

The Elder Scrolls OL "The Elder Scrollsol",

Far cry 2 "FarCry2",

Assassins creed 4 black flag "Assassins Creed 4:Black Flag", etc...

Tencent Tianya moon cutter OL

The Jurassic 4D film

Kowloon 4D film production

The work won the international authoritative CG sites such as CGTalk.3dtotal. ZBrush central official forum permanent collection

South Korea 2014 Busan international advertising festival silver

Singapore Spikes Asia2014 Asia creative advertising festival silver

The production of French Cannes Advertising Festival entries

Team concept

We make every effort to ensure that our customers need art quality and development costs, has also been asked to seriously, customer works as team works fine. Innovation

Team service content

Game art production

The role of 3D prop mechanical scene and model texturing

Film and TV art production

Movie role props mechanical scene CG movie poster production

Advertising creative production

Three dimensional 4A advertising creative marketing implementation of the programme


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